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Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System
Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System
Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System
Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System
Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System
Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System

Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System

2024-03-05 14:45:59  

Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : Xtester2200131
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Xtester-GBGZ-1000 Digital Fault Indicator Monitoring System

System technical characteristics

1.Using the latest research and development of testing technology, to detect the high accuracy of fault.

2.Overhead distribution lines using the method of zero sequence current, five times harmonic method, etc. Greatly improve the single-phase grounding fault detection accuracy.

3.Inspection terminal using solar power, long service life.

4.Inspection terminal, center software has two-way communication function, that Can view the latest data on system center any time.

5.Can use the curve display line current change.

6.Can be recorded and indicates the continuous occurrence of failure.

7.The main software direct image display line operation state, straightforward, Using sound alarm after circuit malfunction, and sent SMS to related management personnel mobile phone in time.

8.The SMS to mobile phone only show the information of a test in front of the terminal, avoid all terminal transmitting before point of failure interest rates, that cause mobile phone received dozens of text messages, not easy to identify the specific point of failure.

9.Use of the existing GSM/GPRS wireless network, widely used, all the transmission lines, distribution lines, low-voltage line of one electric power company just need one monitoring center.

10.Master station software is powerful functions, have a lot of management functions, and can upgrade continuously according to user requirements.

11. Close communication with wireless communications.

Product main function

1.Online monitoring of the short circuit fault and earth fault, over-current, off line, theft case, load current, lack of phase, line charged off power, sending and instructions, distribution transform monitoring, user boundary fault terminal, acquisition real-time data of circuits, and so on.

2.Monitoring line load current, and display the current level on mobile phone APP, Email, save the data on the web cloud, change curve on the system center.

3.Can be used as power supply circuit maintenance intelligent inspection system, monitoring maintenance personnel whether to inspection the power line on time.

4.The hardware and software with functions of bidirectional transmission, that Can view the latest data on mobile phone APP and computer terminals.

5.Monitoring the power line other parameters, according to customer's requirements.  

6.Remote sensing (remote sensing information), remote measurement, acquisition and transfer operation parameters, Including all kinds of electric parameters (on line current, frequency, etc ) and load current, etc.

7.Remote communication (remote communication information), remote signal, When the fault occurs, collect and transmit the current status information back to system center for confirmation State.

Fault indicator technical parameter

Parameter Items

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

Electrical Parameter

Short circuit fault action current

100A (Default,Settable,Can be set before delivery)

Earth fault action current

40A (The default injection method of grounding,Can be set before delivery)

Analog measurement cycle

Measuring one time every 30minuts (Default,Can be set before delivery)

Applicable voltage grade

6~36 kV

Applicable wire current

5~700A (Default)

Applicable power frequency

50Hz/60Hz (According customer’s request)

Maximum short circuit current


Short circuit recognition time


Load measurement accuracy


Power supply mode

3.6V 2.4A Lithium battery

Communication mode

Radio frequency

Static power loss


Action power loss

<34 mA

Minimum load current of the insulated cable


Minimum load current of the bare cable


Engineering Parameter

Auto reset mode

Time reset (4-72H settable)

Auto reset after the power line recover (According customer’s request)

Action times

≥5000 Times

Continuous flash time


Flash time interval


Ambient temperature

-40 ℃~+75 ℃

Relative humidity

≤ 95%

Applicable wire diameter


Maximum wind speed


Applicable altitude


Fault alarm accuracy


Protection class


Pollution class

Working life

10 Years


60000 H


500g ±3%

Fault data collection terminal parameter

Parameter Items

Parameter Name

Parameter Details

Power Loss Performance


Static power loss


Maximum power loss (GPRS communication)

1000 mA

Maximum power loss (Without communication)

200 mA



Communication Parameters


Radio frequency

433M,(Free Frequency)

GSM Transmitting and receiving performance

Meet GSM terminal industrial standards (Customize)

GPRS Transmitting and receiving performance

Meet GPRS  terminal industrial standards (Default)


Power Supply Mode

Solar cell panel

16W,  17.5V

Storage battery

12V,  12Ah

The continuous working days under darkness

More than 10 days

Engineering Parameter

Ambient temperature

-40 ℃ ~ +75 ℃

Relative humidity


Applicable altitude

≤5000 m

Storage battery working life

3~5 Years


60000 H




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