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Xtester-MIX1003B Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor

Xtester-MIX1003B Semiconductor Alcohol Sensor

2022-12-08 09:32:43  

Target Gas: Alcohol Range :25~500ppm(alcohol) Application: Personal usage alcohol meter breathalyzer,Commercial usage alcohol meter breathalyzer,Other usage of alcohol detectors

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Principle Introduction

The sensing material of Xtester-MIX1003B Alcohol Sensor is tin dioxide SnO2, which has low conductivity in clean air. When the Alcohol  exists, the conductivity of the sensor will be raise according to the gas concentration goes up. Through a simple circuit, to convert the changes of conductivity to correspond to the gas concentration.


* High sensitivity to wide range of alcohol                         
* High sensitivity to alcohol                                                  
* Long life and low cost                                                       
* High ant seismic


* Personal usage alcohol meter breathalyzer
* Commercial usage alcohol meter breathalyzer
* Other usage of alcohol detectors

Technical Parameters

Target GasAlcohol
Measurement Range25~500ppm(alcohol)
Heater Voltage(Vh)5.0V±0.1V AC or DC
Loop Voltage≤24V DC
Heater Resistance(Rh)29Ω±3Ω(Room temperature)
Heater Power Consumption(Ph)≤900mW
SensitivityRs(in air)/Rs(125ppm C2H5OH)≥ 5
Output In Target Gas2.5~4V(in 125ppm C2H5OH)
Testing Condition20℃±2℃;55%±5%RH
Life Expectancy10 years

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