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Xtester-ST-107S  Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter

Xtester-ST-107S Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter

2023-12-28 18:00:39  

Xtester-ST-107S Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : Xtester2300465
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Xtester-ST-107S  Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter


  • Evaluation of environmental noise

  • Measurements of noise at workplaces

  • Assessment of product noise.


ST-107S is a high performance conforms to international IEC61672-1:2002Class 2 
Integrating Sound Level Meter. It may also survey: SPL(Lxyp), Lxmax,Lxmin,,Lxeq, SEL (LAE),Lcpeak, RT60, three kind of at the same time frequency weighting (A, C, Z) and three kind of at the same time weighting (F, S, I) may simultaneously survey many kinds of appraisal target, the dynamic range is bigger than 100dB, it does not need to select the measuring range when doing measurements, the operation is simple.


  • Dimensions:285x90x39mm(length x width x height).

  • Weight: Approximately 500 grams.(including Batteries)

Electrical Specifications
Environmental conditions: temperature 23℃ ± 5℃, relative humidity < 80%.
 Double rows LCD MAX reading 1999
 Display Refresh Rate
 1 Time/sec
 Major Applicable Standards 
 IEC 61672-1:2002 Class2
 JJG-188-2002 Class 2
 Other Standards
 IEC60651:1979 TYPE 2
 IEC60804:2000 TYPE 2
 ANSI S1.4:1983 Type12
 ½"pre-polarized condenser microphone
 build in preamplifier: 1V/Pa@250HZ,
 frequency range: 20 Hz~12.5 kHz,
 Thermal noise: <25 dB(A)
 Measurement Items
 Lxyp, Lxmax, Lxmin, Lxeq, LAE, Lcpeak,RT60
 Measurement Range
 30dB ~ 130dB (A)
 35dB ~ 130dB (C)
 40dB ~ 130dB (Z
 Dynamic range
 100 dB 
 Integrate Time Setup
 Manual, 10s, 1m, 5m, 10m , 30m,
 1h, 8h, 16h, 24h
 Internal memory
 24C512 × 4 ;MAX Datalogger data >37,000
 Micro SD Card
 The max support capacity of
 micro SD card is 32GB;
 37,000 data about story space 300KB
 Peak value
 measurement range 
 70~133 dBC
 Time Weighting
 Fast, Slow, Impulse, Peak
 Frequency Weighting
 Frequency Range
 DC Output
 AC Output
 Starting Time
 <10 Second


  • User’s manual

  • SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY: 100V ~ 240V AC to DC 6V~9V/500mA.

  • Carrying case.

  • 4 batteries 1.5 V – LR6 – AA – AM3 – MN 1500.

  • 60mm diameter windscreen.

  • Setup CD-DISK

  • MINI USB Cable (Mini B type)

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