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Xtester-MIX2880-485 Multiple Gas Detection Module

Xtester-MIX2880-485 Multiple Gas Detection Module

2022-12-09 14:34:59  

Target Gas: CO2, PM2.5、CH2O/TVOC、Temp./Humidity Range : Application: Gas detectors,Air purifier,HAVC,Air conditioner

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Principle Introduction
The module Xtester-MIX2880-485 is an all-in-one module integrating VOC sensor, electrochemical formaldehyde sensor, laser dust sensor, and infrared carbon dioxide sensor with high precision and sensitivity (the formaldehyde sensor and VOC sensor is optional), the module can detect 3 kinds of gases at the same time, and easy to operate.

* High accuracy and high resolution

* High reliability

* Strong anti-interference ability

* Low power consumption

* UART and analog voltage signal output


* Gas detectors

* Air purifier 


* Air conditioner

* Air detection machine

Technical Parameters
Product ModelMIX2880
Detection TypesCO2, PM2.5、CH2O/TVOC、Temp./Humidity
Working Voltage5V ±0.2V(DC)
Average Current< 200 mA
Interface Electric Level3V(compatible 3.3 V)
Preheating Time≤ 3min
Detection Range of CO20~5000ppm
Detection Range of PM2.50~1000ug/m3
Detection Range of CH2O0~1.6ppm
Detection Range of TVOC4 Grade
Measurement Range of Temp.-40~125℃
Precision of Temp.±0.3℃
Measurement Range of Humidity0~100% RH
Precision of Humidity±2%RH
Working Temp.0~50℃
Working Humidity15~80% RH(No
Storage Temp.0~50℃
Storage Humidity0~60% RH
Appearance Dimension70mmx61mm

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