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Xtester-HS5936 Manual Vibration Frequency Vibration Tester

Xtester-HS5936 Manual Vibration Frequency Vibration Tester

2022-11-28 18:00:36  

Xtester-HS5936 Manual Vibration Frequency Vibration Tester

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Xtester- HS5936 vibration tester is a  digital and pocket vibration measuring instrument, which can directly measure  the vibration acceleration, vibration intensity (speed), and the weight  acceleration value of hand-transmitted vibration frequency meter. It has wide  measuring range and maximum value maintenance function, and provides AC and  DC output for further analysis of other analytical and testing instruments,  mainly used for the measurement of machine vibration, To evaluate the  vibration intensity of the machine, it can also be used for the measurement  of the vibration of hand tools (such as oil saw, rock drill, air pick, etc.)  to evaluate the impact of the vibration of the hand-held tools on the human  body (ARM). The measurement of vibration acceleration and vibration intensity  conforms to the requirements of ISO2372, ISO2373 and relevant national  standards. The measurement of hand-held vibration conforms to the  requirements of ISO5439 and GB/T14790, The performance of the instrument  meets the requirements of ISO8041.

This instrument provides convenience for  the mechanical design, manufacturing, power, equipment management, labor  protection, transportation and environmental protection departments to detect  and monitor the failure and aging signals of machine equipment on-line, to  control the product quality, to measure and control the vibration of  vibration test and to evaluate the hand transmitted vibration.


(1) Vibration sensor:

a) Vibration sensor: piezoelectric  accelerometer

b) Charge sensitivity: 4 PC / MS-2 ± 2 PC  / MS-2

c) Frequency range: 1 Hz ~ 10 000 Hz

d) Maximum measurable acceleration: 10  000 m / s2

(2) Measurement range:

2.1 range classification:Range is divided in o high (H)  and low (L) two gears, manual shift.

L(Low) gear range:

Acceleration a(m/s2): 0.30~199.99(5Hz~10000Hz),

Manual vibration frequency weighting Acceleration  Ha(m/s2): 0.30~199.99(1Hz~2 500Hz).

Velocity V(cm/s): 0.03~19.999(10Hz~1000Hz)

H(high) gear range:

Acceleration a(m/s2): 3.0~1 999.9 (5Hz~10000Hz),

Manual vibration frequency weighting Acceleration  Ha(m/s2): 3.0~1 999.9 (1Hz~2 500Hz).

Velocity V(cm/s): 0.30~199.99 (10Hz~1000Hz)

(3) Manual vibration frequency weighting: 

According to ISO / DIS8041.

(4) Detection characteristics:

True RMS, peak, peak to peak.

( 5) Display

4 and a half bit LCD display, with the  maximum effective value holding function. The display period is about 1  second.

(6) AC and DC output

Use Φ 3.5 dual channel socket output. The  output impedance is 2K Ω ± 60 Ω

(7) Accuracy

Better than 5% ± 2 words (the first  decimal place).

(8) Power Supply

8.1 External DC power supply: DC 9V.

8.2 Internal battery 7.5 V, 5 LR6 high  performance alkaline batteries.

(9) Dimension/Weight:

237mm × 81mm × 34 mm/About 400g (including  sensor and magnetic fixed head)

(10)working environment

Operating temperature: - 10 ℃~ 50 ℃

Relative humidity: 20% - 90% RH

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