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Xtester-MK-401 Household CO Gas Alarm

Xtester-MK-401 Household CO Gas Alarm

2022-12-12 17:41:50  

Target Gas: CO Range : Application: Household CO

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Principle Introduction

Xtester-MK-401 Household CO detector is a new developed product using high-precision electrochemical CO sensor. This product has the advantages of stable operation and long service life. It is a high-sensitivity gas concentration detection device for real-time detection of indoor CO gas leakage.

The detector adopts sound and light alarm method, when the alarm is given out, the sound and light prompts are issued to remind you to take effective measures to avoid the occurrence of vicious events such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc., to protect your life and property safety.

This product is designed, manufactured, inspected and certified in strict accordance with China national standard of GB15322.2-2019 household combustible gas alarm.

With this product, we also provide OEM/ODM services.


● Stable performance

● Long service life

● Battery-operated, installation free

● LCD screen digital display

● Visual and audible alarm

Household CO gas leakage detection

Technical Parameters

Power supplyDC4.5V (3 pcs 1.5V AA battery)
Detected gasCO (carbon monoxide)
Range500ppm (can be customized)
Sampling methodNatural diffusion
Sensor typeElectrochemical sensor
Alarm level150ppm (can be customized)
Operating temperature0℃ ~ 55℃
Operating humidity≦95 % RH (no condensation)
Response time<30s
Resume time<30s
Alarm methodVisual and audible alarm
Alarm volume≧85dB (1 meter straight ahead)
Power consumption< 3W
Service life3 years

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