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Xtester-MFZ Series Cylinder sealing grease

Xtester-MFZ Series Cylinder sealing grease

2022-12-06 11:27:35  

Cylinder sealing grease

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●Outstanding temperature and pressure resistance, tightly sealed

●Liquid paste, easy to construct, tough, compact and anti-creep after curing

●Resistant to corrosion by temperature steam and other chemical media, maintaining the original properties of the cylinder surface

●No asbestos and halogen, no pollution

Product performance:

●Appearance: brown liquid paste

●Proportion: 1.65-2.25g/cm3

●Main steam pressure resistance: 32MPa

●High temperature resistant main steam temperature: 680℃

product instructions:

●The cylinder surface is clean and free of oil, foreign matter and dust.

●After mixing well, apply the sealing grease to the cylinder surface according to the thickness of 0.5-0.7mm. Do not apply the sealing grease around the bolt hole and the positioning pin hole and the inner edge of the cylinder surface to prevent it from squeezing into the screw hole and entering the flow. system.

●After tightening the bolts of the cylinder, wipe off the part of the sealing grease that has overflowed from the periphery.

●There is no need to wait to stand still after the buckle cylinder is finished, the sealing grease will solidify after the unit is turned on and the temperature rises.

Packing: 1kg/drum, 2.5kg/drum, 5kg/drum

ModelScope of application
MFZ-1The flatness clearance of the cylinder joint surface meets the specification requirements
MFZ-2The cylinder surface clearance is within the scope of the specification.
MFZ-3The cylinder surface clearance is close to the critical value required by the specification
MFZ-4The flatness clearance of the cylinder joint surface meets the specification requirements
RemarksFor units with severe deformation of the cylinder surface and large gaps and unevenness, the cylinder surface needs to be treated technically before selecting the corresponding model product

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