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Xtester-MIX2111A Combustible Gas Detection Module

Xtester-MIX2111A Combustible Gas Detection Module

2022-12-09 08:58:23  

Target Gas: CH4, LPG Range : Application: Gas alarm for single value,Other gas detect instruments

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Principle Introduction

Xtester-MIX2111A domestic usage gas alarm module adopts integrated design concept, built-in advanced semiconductor gas sensor, with fault alarm, standby output, alarm output, etc. functions. The module has small size, low power consumption, long life and low cost. It also has extremely high sensitivity to domestic natural gas, LPG and other combustible gases. After aging, debugging, and calibration, it cooperates with highly integrated MCU to perform data processing operations. It greatly reduces the difficulty of developing gas alarms and facilitates rapid development or modular design of alarm products. Users only need to add a power module, LED alarm indicator, buzzer and casing to form a complete household gas alarm.


* High sensitivity, good stability

* Long life, small size

* Good stability, low cos


* Gas alarm for single value

* Other gas detect instruments

Technical Parameters

Target GasCH4,  LPG
Operating Voltage4.8~5.2V DC
Operating Current < 80mA average
Preheating Time 3 – 5 minutes
Response Time (T90)< 20 seconds
Recovery Time< 60 seconds
Long Term Sensitivity Drift≤1%/year
Alarm valueA terminal high level, default value 10.00%LEL
Fault alarm outputB terminal high level
Operating Conditions0~50℃/15~90%RH(no condensation)
Storage Conditions-20~50℃/0~60%RH(no condensation)
Weight≤ 20g
Life Expectancy≥10 years

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