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Xtester-ZP006-1 6kv insulated leather shoes

Xtester-ZP006-1 6kv insulated leather shoes

2023-07-29 15:58:18  

6kv insulated leather shoes

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  • Serial No. : monica0188
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Xtester-ZP006-1 6kv insulated leather shoes


·This product is made of high quality leather. Has a good permeability, comfortable, resistant to the characteristics of bending. 

·The sole material is made of double density rubber or high polymer injection pressure. 

·The product is used as an auxiliary safety tool for preventing electric shock on the foot of the low voltage electrical equipment.

Technical Parameter

Implementation standards: GB 12011-2009

Voltage level:6KV


Style: Low-sized

Range of use: Maximum use voltage AC 400V

Major application industries

·Electric power, high iron distribution room

·Electrical poles and wiring

·Power plant maintenance operation

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