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Xtester-Z020 20kv insulated shoes

Xtester-Z020 20kv insulated shoes

2023-07-29 15:50:29  

20kv insulated shoes

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : monica0187
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Xtester-Z020 20kv insulated shoes


·The product is made of high quality pure cotton, with a comfortable, durable, breathable and other characteristics.

·The sole to high-quality natural rubber as the main material, adding high strength and abrasion resistant reinforcing agent made of mixing, wear-resistant, durable, good elasticity, good insulation.

·Used as a foot electric shock proof assistant safety tool in the operation of high and low electric equipment. 

Technical Parameter

Implementation standards: DL/T 676-2012


Style: Medium-sized

Range of use: Maximum use voltage AC 6000V

Major application industries

·Electric power, high iron distribution room

·Electrical poles and wiring

·Power plant maintenance operation

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