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Xtester-WVTR 920 Water Vapor Permeability Tester

Xtester-WVTR 920 Water Vapor Permeability Tester

2023-07-06 11:44:33  

Xtester-WVTR 920 Water Vapor Permeability Tester

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WVTR 920 is based on the electrolytic sensor method and available for the water vapor permeability test of flexible films, sheeting and packages. It can test 3 specimens in one operation with independent results.


 Electrolytic sensor method
Own technology
Film and package test
3 specimens test simultaneously and independently
One-button test, test automatically in whole process
Multiple test modes optional
Data curves display
Computer control
Digital flow adjustment
3 Chambers with 3 temperature sensors
Environment temperature and humidity sensor inside
Chambers water bath technology
Unit based on embedded system,24bit Δ-Σ AD
Pressure, ppm water sensor and  temperature overload protection
Traceable reference film calibration
Supports DSM system (DSM, lab data management system)


Test range

Film:  0.001-52 g/m2·24h (Standard)

0.01-1100 g/m2·24h (Optional)

Resolution: 0.001 g/m2·24h
Package: (optional)0.0001~0.5 g/pkg·d
Specimen amount
3 specimens, independent
Temperature range
Temperature accuracy
Humidity range
0%RH,35%RH-90%RH,100%RH, standard condition 90%RH
Humidity accuracy
Test area
Specimen size: Film
size: >=150mm * 94mm; thickness: less 3mm
Package: max size: D120mm * 400mm
Carrier gas
99.999% Nitrogen
Carrier flow
0~200 ml/min
Gas interface
Power supply
AC 220V 50Hz
730mm(L) * 590mm(W) * 350mm(H)
Net weight


ISO 15106-3, GB/T 21529, DIN 53122-2, YBB 00092003


Delivery: Main unit, computer, W-TRANS software, temperature controller, tank regulator, PCIE card, communication cable, sample cutter, vacuum grease.

Optional: Package fixtures, reference film, vacuum grease, sample cutter, DSM system.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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