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Xtester-ZP001 Protective boots

Xtester-ZP001 Protective boots

2023-07-29 09:53:19  

Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370Xtester-ZP001 Protective bootsTechnical ParametersExecutive standard: GB21148-2007Size: 230~280Color: blackStyle: TallUse range:

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  • Serial No. : monica0172
Contact Us for QuotationEmail: mewoi008@mewoi.comWhatsapp:+8619928420370

Xtester-ZP001 Protective boots

Technical Parameters

Executive standard: GB21148-2007

Size: 230~280

Color: black

Style: Tall

Use range:Maximum use of AC voltage 3000V


The soles of safety shoes are generally molded with polyurethane materials in a single injection, which have the advantages of oil resistance, anti-smash and anti-puncture, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, waterproofing, lightweight and so on. It is 2-3 times more wear-resistant than ordinary rubber soles. Light weight, good flexibility, the weight is only 50%-60% of the rubber sole.

Applicable industries

Hybrid workshop production, machine operators, maintenance workers, mechanics and other repair services


Toe protection safety shoes with AN1 level of safety performance of the inner wrapped head, suitable for metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, loading and unloading, quarrying, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry and so on.

Functional features

The face of the shoe is made of high-quality first-layer cowhide refined, with breathable, comfortable and bending-resistant characteristics. Anti-slip, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, lightweight, comfortable, novel and unique style.

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