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Xtester-ZTH001 Chemical resistant shoes cover

Xtester-ZTH001 Chemical resistant shoes cover

2023-07-31 10:24:01  

Chemical resistant shoes cover

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  • Serial No. : monica0196
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Xtester-ZTH001 Chemical resistant shoes cover


This product uses the high polymer with certain chemical substances, using a molding injection technology advanced, the excellent defensive ability has a variety of common chemical substances, the product is suitable for chemical industry, printing and dyeing, chemical industry etc.

Technical Parameter

Implementation standards: GB 20266-2006


Style: half boot

Range of use: Sulfuric acid concentration:3.7mol/L(19.7%);Hydrochloric acid concentration:6.0mol/L(18.25%)

            Sodium hydroxide:6.1mol/L(11.45%)

Major application industries

·Printing and dyeing industry

·Chemical manufacturing

·Toxic chemical production

·Pollutants and general industrial operations

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