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Xtester-ZTX040 40kv insulated shoes cover

Xtester-ZTX040 40kv insulated shoes cover

2023-07-29 13:46:50  

40kv insulated shoes cover

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  • Serial No. : monica0179
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Xtester-ZTX040 40kv insulated shoes cover


This product is made of high quality natural rubber. Wearing comfortable, durable and convenient. Based on the high quality natural rubber, the shoe sole is made of special insulation and high abrasion proof and reinforcing agent. The products as auxiliary safety tools in the power,high-voltage transmission construction and maintenance operations.

Technical Parameters

Implementation standards:Q/12XJ 5167-2015


Style: low-sized

Range of use: Maximum use voltage AC 35000V

Major application industries

Distribution and high power places

○Transportation: railway distribution power

○Hybrid production service / repair / maintenance technicians, machine operators, mechanic, maintenance worker

Note: use as an auxiliary safety tool.

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